Tom Ingram Photography

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Award-winning Wildlife & Nature Photographer 

Tom Ingram is an award-winning photographer with a passion for nature and wildlife. His primary objective with photography is to share the wonders of nature that might not be easy for others to witness firsthand. With nature and wildlife photography, he especially loves to freeze nature in motion and capture details that the naked eye may miss. He dedicates a significant amount of time studying the behavior of birds and animals to attempt to predict flight and feeding patterns. His focus with action shots is to help the viewer appreciate the animals' speed, agility, and beauty. He has recently begun learning landscape photography with the desire to preserve the perfect moment of light or share a unique composition.

Tom Ingram has always had a special connection with nature and began his conservation focus in high school in Tom Furrer’s wildlife biology class,   He started as a wildlife and forestry major in college and worked as a Hotshot firefighter during the summer. His first published photos were of the California forest fires taken with his Pentax K1000. As life would have it, Tom graduated with an accounting major and worked for 20 years in corporate finance and business. During this time, he enjoyed several hobbies, such as being a private pilot, scuba diving, mountain biking, and sea kayaking.   Through it all, however, the one constant has been his camera and his love for conservation and nature.

Tom purchased his first DSR while living in India for three years in the mid-2000s. Upon returning to the US, he discovered Brian Small’s website, where he had photographed every North American breeding bird and decided to take on a similar challenge and has since photographed over 500 North American birds. He has since branched out to many forms of nature photography, attempting to express the personalities of wildlife and the beauty of nature in hopes of inspiring others to preserve this natural habitat for the living creatures that depend on our stewardship.

Long-tailed Weasel, Sonoma County, California 

2022 Best in Class Mammals Category - NANPA Expressions

Video Highlight

2022 - Share the View International Photo competition top 250

Great Kiskadee eating berries, Rio Grande Valley, Texas

2021 Best in Class Bird Category - NANAP Expressions 

2021 Cover of Expressions Magazine 

2021 Honorable Mention International ND Awards

Snowy Owl in flight, Ontario Canada

2019 - Recognized as top 25 global photo in flickr

Spectacled Eider, Barrow Alaska 

2021 - Share the View International photo competition top 250 

2021- BirdWatching Magazine - Bird In Flight Finalist 

2019 - Awarded top 250 photo in NANPA Expressions

2019 - Featured in Audubon  Calendar 

2015 - Awarded Photo of the month BirdWatchingdaily 

Awards and Publications:

2022 Best Bird Photographer of the year - 35Awards

2022 Best in Class Mammals - NANAP Expressions 

2021 Honorable Mention International ND Awards

2021 Best in Class Bird Category - NANAP Expressions

2021 2nd place in Share the View International Competition 

2019 Snowy Owl photo recognized as top 25 global photo of year in flickr

2019 Featured in NANPA Expressions Top 250 Bird photos 

2019 Featured Audubon National Calendar

2019 Photo of the Year Camera Naturalist Club NJ

2017 Featured Photos in the Save The Bay Calendar

2015 Photo of the week in BirdWatchingdaily Sept & Oct

2021 Snow Bunting Alaska Magazine - May

Speaker/Presenter Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society - April 2016 / March 2019


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